Advantages of APEDA

Apeda Registration | Apeda License in Delhi

Apeda Registration in Delhi

The full form of APEDA is Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. It is an organization of Government. It was established in the year of 1985 via an act done for the promotion and betterment of sending overseas of listed products. It provides monetary assistance, guidelines, information of the scheduled products.

The scheduled products are the products which come under APEDA ACT. The traders of scheduled products are needed to schedule under APEDA. It is a compulsion for the betterment of products like fruits, vegetable, poultry, meat, biscuits, bakery, confectionery, honey, jaggery, sugar products, cocoa products, chocolates, pickles, floriculture products, chutney and papad etc.

Objectives of APEDA

Following are the objectives of APEDA:

Promotion of export of schedule products.

Achievement of functions under the administration of Central Government.

Functions of APEDA

Following are the function of APEDA:

Promotion of export-aimed production and development scheduled products.

Setting up qualities and particularities for the scheduled products.

Registering of overseas dealers of scheduled products on remittance of needed fees.

Improvement in marketing and packaging of the scheduled products.

Carries out an investigation of the scheduled products to ensure the quality of all the products.

Training of several factors of the industries linked with the scheduled products.

Development of industries linked to the scheduled products and conducting surveys, affordability studies etc.

Collection of stats from the possessors of factories or publish and establish such stats.

Drafting Documents
Application Filing
Application Processing
Completion of registration

Advantages of APEDA

The exports have the advantage of availing the several monetary assistance plans of APEDA.

Gives guidelines to overseas dealers regarding the several goods and countries for overseas dealing.

The members who are already registered for programmes of training arranged by APEDA Consultants for several scheduled products and helps in the improvement of business.

It helps the overseas dealers in publicity via advertisement, development of packaging, surveys and up-gradation of database, etc.

Procedure for APEDA

Finish the form-

You are needed to fill every factor in our online questionnaire and do the submission of documents.


Creation and Filing of Document-

The documents are created by us. It’s filing with APEDA office is also done by us. It takes around.

12 Working Days

License of APEDA sent via courier-

As soon as the registration process is over, APEDA license will be sent to you via courier. It will take around.

2 Working Days

Your work is now completed

Congratulation, with this we come to an end of your work. Feel free to contact us anytime.


Documents required for the procedure of Registration

A duly signed application

Code of import and export registered by DGFT

The bank statements of last 2 months.

Cheques that are cancelled.

Products and their Agencies of Certification

Seeds and Floriculture Department of Horticulture/SIA/FSSAI/DIC
Vegetables and Fruits Department of Horticulture/Agriculture/SIA/FSSAI/DIC
Groundnut / Gaurgam / Pulses SIA/FSSAI/DIC/ Udyog aadhar/Memorandum registered by Ministry of MSME
Processed Vegetables and Fruits/ Products/Processed Food/Cereals preparation FSSAI
Dairy / Honey / Poultry FSSAI / EIC / EIA
Alcoholic Beverages Department of Excise Commissioner Cereals DIC/SIA/FSSAI/ Udyog Aadhar Memorandum

APEDA’S Products

It is mandatory for APEDA to be responsible for promotion of export and development of the above listed scheduled products :

• Vegetable, fruits and their products

• Poultry products and poultry

• Bakery Products, Biscuits and confectionary

• Chocolates of all kind and cocoa products

• Cereal products and cereal

• Chutneys, papads and pickles

• Floriculture products and floriculture

• Meat products and meat

• Products of Dairy

• Sugar products, jaggery and honey

• Non- Alcoholic beverages and Alcoholic beverages

• Walnuts, grounduts and peanuts

• Guar Gum

• Medicinal plants and Herbal


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