Weights & Measurements Registration

Weights & Measurements Registration

Trading Companies has evolved a lot in the recent times as a lot of them are coming with new ideas of trading. Trading goods and services which are either sold or distributed by weights or numbers or of particular measurements. If you have set up such a trading company or are a part of a new company which indulges in selling, manufacturing, offering or even repairing works of these , then it’s your time to boost up your business and make it safe by getting it legalised under the Legal Metrology Act,2009 , establishing and enforcing standards of weights and measures thereby regulating trade and commerce in weights and measures. Moreover , it also ensures security and accuracy of the weightment and measurements mentioned respectively.

It’s very easy to file an application for your newly build trading company. Though it’s registration process is also available in FSSAI, but you can visit the Controller of Legal Metrology department of your respective state( or directly the Controller of State) and fill in the form details properly. After that there will be a survey by the department and then you will be issued a Licensed application number ensuring safety , standard and uniqueness of your company. If the Department is far away from the location of your respective company, then you can also write a mail to the email given at their respective site. And if the surveys goes well, you will have your License in 15-20 working days.

Protecting the Commercial status of the Company

By legalising it under the Act and getting the license, we get benefitted by a number of ways. The first and foremost contains paves the way for protection of the commercial status of the Company and its employee. It also blocks other users from using the same strategy / concept / idea for trading goods with respect to weights and measurements.


We all know how important role advertisements play in expanding companies turnover these days , and if in this fast moving era, we aren’t on ads,then we can’t expect our business to grow further. But here, only legalised and licensed companies are allowed to do so and thus, Weights and Measurements Registration is important as it safeguards our rights on the part of large scale advertisements too.

Process of applying

The process of doing it is very simpler and direct as one just has to carry specific documentation in prescribed formats to the Controller of state as specified .

A valid proof of the legal title of the premises.

Timely submitted property tax receipt.

Rent or NOC from the owner of the place.

List of all the instruments used, specially the testing instruments.

Work experience certificate.

A copy of the Constitution of the firm.

Copy of all the items which are manufactured/ sold / repaired et all.

Proof of financial status.

Proof of Power load Sanctioned energised by DESU

Copy of Permanent SSI Registration

List of all the workers (whether skilled or unskilled) with their full names, contact numbers and addresses.

The Weights and Measurement Departments usually takes 30 days to issue a new license or renew an old one as they might even take a survey of your firm/company to check the correctness of the information provided. Moreover this license is valid upto a certain time and that only by proper payment of fees. After that, it’s renewed time to time. If a person does manufacturing without getting the proper legal authorisation, he/she may get penalty or even imprisonment depending over the nature of crime done. So, one shall get their works legalised so as to avoid further issues.


Still confused on how to get the license? Lets talk one on one and clear all the confusions!