Importer & Exporter Code

How to Get export/Import Code

Code of Import and export is a number which has 10 digits. It is registered by General Affair’s Director General. It is a compulsory code for everyone who is indulged in the trade of import and export in India. So, basically if you are interested in the expansion of your business then it is mandatory to have Import/Export Code. Also, if you are interested in getting the next level of benefits then also it is mandatory to get the Import/Export Code.

Let’s see the conditions under which it is not mandatory to get the Import Export Code.

The Import and exporting of good for your own use. All these kind of goods are not related to any kind of official manufacture of business.

The trade done officials of government, provinces and reported humane organisations.

Appeal for Import/Export

Paragraph 2.08 of manual of procedure has facilities regarding appeal for Import and Export. Following are the amendments made for this the application of Import and Export

A folder must be deposited online by the importers and exporters in form ANF 2A.

The person applying for the Import and Export Code need to submit only 2 main documents – Residential Proof and certificate from bank or a cheque. Let’s look into the details of the above mentioned documents.

The Professions Where Health Trade Licenses are Compulsory

All businesses which come under the given list need to have a MCD Health Trade License:

A foundation of managerial services in which people can be given basically office related work.

Places for refreshments like: café, eating lounge, restaurant etc.

Places for entertainment like cinema halls, PVR etc.

1. Residential Proof

Contract of sale or if you are the possessor of the premises of business.

Sublet/charter bargain if the land is sublet/charter

Bills of Electricity/phone/landline. The ones registered in the name of the person applying for the code.

Registration of GST Certification.

If there is a case of co-proprietorship, then the above listed documents are mandatory


Aadhar Card

Voters Id Card

All the mandatory documents listed above should be registered in the name of the business including the address. Only in the case of co-proprietor, the address should be registered in the name of the possessor and not the firm.

2. Proof from Bank

It is mandatory to have a cheque with the name of the possessor. A cheque without name will be rejected. The cheque shall be of any account, either saving or current.

Another important factor is that the documents should be in GIF or JPEG format. The size is also fixed as 5MB.

You will be charges with an amount of Rs.500 while registering the application.

3. Procedure to be followed after Registering the Application

Your import export code will come on its own after the application is deposited online along with the required fees and documents.

Statement about allocation of import export code will be sent via a message or mail. It will contain a hyperlink from which you can download the electronic import export code.

There will be a verification done after the procedure of registration. If any information is missing or wrong then you might be punished and your registration might also get cancelled.

An import export code possessor needs to upgrade his information after the registration of import export code.

Every import export code possessor stands responsible for upgrading their profile. After that you will have to do the up gradation work at least once in a year.


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