FSSAI Registration

Overview of FSSAI Registration/Consultant

The full form of FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is an independent body settled under the authority of Ministry and Health Welfare by the Government of India. It was authorized under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI stands responsible for safeguarding and aggrandizing health of public through supervising and regulating safety of food.

According to FSS Act’s section 31(1), all operators of food business in the entire country need a license. Once the registration is done, a 14 digit registration number or license number of FSSAI will be given to the applicant. He will be required to put the number on all the products.

If you want the FSSAI License, then the application must be made according to the format of online registration. The required documents shall be attached too. On the basis of submitted documents along with the filed application, the final approval will be provided by FSSAI. FSSAI License & Consultant provides you with full support in filling the application and also getting the required license. You’ll always have our experts to guide you.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration

• Medium of creating awareness amongst the customers. The customers will become aware of the quality of your products. Especially after the maggi incident, people are becoming very careful nowadays.

• You’ll get a legal advantage. The cost of licensing is very less as compared to penalties if you get caught. That’s why businessman are always asked to get their registrations done first.

• If you have the FSSAI logo then you can very confidently put it on your products and pamphlets. It will help you in establishing your good will because your customers will trust your products.

• If you want to expand your business then this logo will surely help you a lot. Getting loans from banks will become very easy.

Different Kinds of FSSAI License.

In India if you have a business of a food operator then getting a food license is a compulsion. There are 3 categories of FSSAI License. It depends upon the size of your business. Basically your annual turnover decides the license for you.

Basic Registration

As mentioned earlier, your annual turnover decides which license you’ll get. If it lies below Rs. 12 Lakh, then you can get a Basic Registration done. You can ofcourse get it upgraded once the graph of sales increases.

State License-

If your annual turnover is somewhere between 12-20 crores, then you will get the state license.

Central License

You can get this license under 2 conditions.

If the annual turnover crosses 20 cr.

If you supply food to government offices or import /export.

Steps included in FSSAI Registration Process

• Mention all of your details by filling up the application form.

• Provide all the documents which are required.

• Your FSSAI License application will be filed along with all other required declarations by our FSSAI Registration Consultants to local Food Business Operators.

• Once the processing is done, your FSSAI license will be issued by the office concerned for this purpose. It will be valid for 1-2 years.

List of Documents Needed for Online Food License

• A photo ID of Food Business’ Promoters.

• Letter of Authority

• Form of Declaration

• A proof of ownership of premises.

• Fellowship deed/Incorporation’s certificate/Association’s Articles/Association’s Memorandum.

• A complete list of all the manufacture or processed or stored products.

• A system plan for the management of food safety

• Completed and signed form B


Still confused on how to get the license? Lets talk one on one and clear all the confusions!