Health Trade Licence

License of Trade in Delhi

License of trade is a poof that allows a company to continue it trade work in a specific civil curb for which it has been registered. The Health Trade License in Delhi is registered by the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) to dealers and foundations to detect and control the several trade work at the local level. Now let’s go through the various steps of availing a license in trade at Delhi.

Shops and Act of Establishment of 1954

Rules which fall under the Shop and Establishment Act states certain rules and regulations according to which the Health Trade License in Delhi is registered. Every foundation must mandatorily be issued within 30 days of starting the business under this act. The act of Shops and Establishment states the following features of doing work in India.

The daily and weekly shifts are fixed.

Facilities for ascend, break for rest, starting and ending hours, off days, national off, extra work.

Regulation of rules of employment for youngsters, females and children.

Regulations regarding compensated holiday.

Norms regarding aborting and employing of services.

Norms regarding the preservation of documentation and previous conducts.

Commitment regarding the workers and manager.

Safeguards against mishaps.

Rules regarding the showing of notices.

Authority of workers and manager for one another, organization and community.

The Professions Where Health Trade Licenses are Compulsory

All businesses which come under the given list need to have a MCD Health Trade License:

A foundation of managerial services in which people can be given basically office related work.

Places for refreshments like: café, eating lounge, restaurant etc.

Places for entertainment like cinema halls, PVR etc.

The need of getting a Health Trade License

It has been made compulsory to get a Health Trade License to make the government believe that no illegal activities will be carried out. Also, you’ll have to ensure that you are following the rules and regulations, all the steps required for safety. It is always an advantage to get the MCD Health Trade License because it will ensure that their possessors are safeguarded. Different types of licenses have different strata of safety.

Documents Needed for License

The above listed documents are required for at the submission time of your application.

Proof of residence and identity


Incorporation certificate

Cheque ( cancelled ) statement from bank

Legal proof of occupation of your firm

Proof of documents and trade’s establishment

Charter act of structure

Submit a proof that you have no illegal construction going on.

Certificate of no objection from the agency of land possessor.

In Case of License’s Renewal

Proof of residence and identity

Copy of Original license

Old receipt of G-8

License renewal application

Documentation for a Duplicate Health Trade License MCD


Punitive Damage in the given format

Fees for Registration

The fee for the procedure will be Rs. 500. The yearly charge completely depends on the kind of license you have got.

Procedure for Application of License of Trade

Go to the portal of MCD

Petition for license – Trade or Storage, Press on Application for New License. You be taken to the page of new license’s trade.

Type all your important information

Sync all the documents they’ll ask for

Verify your documentation

Then your number of application will be generated

Pay the required amount, After all the steps, the sanctioned authority will verify and register your license of trade.


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